2011" Season Winding down
2011' is slowly but surely on its way out  

Dear Loayal Customers,

As the 2011' business season slowly but surely winds down we like to take this oppurtunity to thank you all for the business you've given to the "BEK" Group of Companies which include Euro-Express, Logisitcs.  To the many clients who have entrusted our group to handle their business cargo, we sincerely are grateful, at the same time we encourage you to continue with our services for the up coming 2012' business season.  We at Euro-Express, Logistics ensure you that we will provide the best complete logistic service money can buy, at the same time we will ensure that by using our service you will in fact save hard earned money.

To the many clients who have chosen to ask for a free estimate, but did not opt to use our service, we encourage you to continue requesting your free estimates and we are sure that in time you will make the right decision and join our group in business cooperation and allow us to provide logistic services to your esteemed company.

We also would like to thank all of our partners for showing support to our football team this season, FC BEK Kicevo which works with youngsters from the ages of 8-14 years old and gives them great direction in life through sport.  We encourage you to continue your support  in the seasons to come and feel good that your contribution is making a difference in some youngsters future.  We especially thank all the companies in the Republic of Kosovo, who without their support and business we would not reach many of our goals.



Bek Nuredinoski

Group President






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