Start of 2015' Season
2015' Season has begun  

Dear Loyal Customers,

The start of the 2015' Season has begun.  As we sent off 2014' season we have struggled in the evermost compettetive shipping industry.  We have faced numerous obstacles such as fluctuating ocean rates, unloyal competetition of non-registered and non-certified third party logistic providers amngost other obstacles.  In 2015' choosing Euro-Express Logistics to handle your cargo you can be sure that your precious cargo is in secure and licensed hands, all our staff is fully educated in handleing bookings, our drivers are fully licensed to drive heavy duty cargo and all entire truck fleet is insured, thus, your cargo is ensured.

Together we will have a successful 2015' season.  Euro-Express Logistics keeps your business moving.



Bekim Nuredin

Company President




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